Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

How To Build A Free Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

How To Build A Free Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

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The problem with learning how to build a free bookkeeping spreadsheet for your home business is simply a matter of a little instruction on setting up a template that will suit your marketing strategy. Starting with a good set of business tools right from the beginning will be an asset to developing good business records long into the future.

As your business develops and you need more sophisticated accounting software to keep track of your business activities, such as expenses and income, you can purchase bookkeeping software later once you business takes off. But in the beginning you need to track you daily activities not associated with expenses or income. What you really need is a free bookkeeping spreadsheet and then learn how to make a spreadsheet template to track your online activities and data.

There are lots of bookkeeping software programs available, Microsoft Office being the most common, however, to purchase Microsoft Office Suite can be a little costly when you are just getting started. If you are experienced with Excel and familiar with the program, it is still an excellent spreadsheet to continue with as your business grows.

Another free spreadsheet to use is Works, which usually comes with most off the shelf computers. This program offers the same tools as Microsoft Office, however, it is not compatible with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which the majority of business people use, and so sharing files with others will be a problem.

How To Build A Free Bookkeeping Spreadsheet – Open Office Spreadsheet

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

The one free bookkeeping spreadsheet that is comparable to Microsoft Excel is Open Office. Open Office offers a full suite of tools similar to Microsoft Office Suite and is compatible with Microsoft Office in that files can be shared and opened up in either program.

Open Office suite is free, and is download-able off the Internet. It is a very good open source of tools for any new business getting started and to use long after your business gets off the ground. Just go to and download the newest version.

Daily activities need to be tracked and recorded for future reference. A good free bookkeeping spreadsheet is an asset to recording this information.

Running an online business means working with online terminology.

Information data such as dates, titles of articles, url addresses of articles, keywords, videos and/or power point videos for business promotion. All these things and more can be kept track of in a spreadsheet without the need for bookkeeping software.

Keeping good records using a spreadsheet will be worth it when you need to refer back to your records in order to check on what you have done.

By Robert Dorsey