Generate MLM Leads

How To Generate MLM Leads When Brand New

How To Generate MLM Leads When Brand New


How to generate MLM leads when brand new to the MLM industry! This post will give you a couple of ways for you to work on to generate MLM leads for your new home business in the MLM world.


Learning how to generate MLM leads is really the first thing you need to know, as this is the foundation of any business; online, offline, service industry, sales by commissions, etc., where you need to find people to do business with you.


Doing business is not just joining your team as in a MLM company, but people giving you money for whatever it is you are selling or providing, is how they are doing business with you.


To find more people online to do business with you is when you simply have people that you communicate with on a continual basis, through one form or another. Usually this is by having them give you their name and email address with an optin form and you get them on a list inside an auto-responder.


You then have a means to communicate with them over and over again.


So how do you generate these MLM leads in your MLM business?


Generate MLM Leads: Active and Passive


There are two basic marketing strategies:

  • Active prospecting
  • Passive marketing


Active prospecting is where you are reaching out to people to have a conversation or direct communication with them. Generating MLM leads in this fashion is where you are in control of the outcome.


You are the hunter and you are finding your leads by the means you chose. This can be your warm market, cold market, online, offline, by phone, by email, by face to face or word of mouth. That is controllable.


Passive marketing is when you put yourself out there and your prospect comes looking for you. You are basically hoping that the work you are doing is going to attract your prospect to you and they respond favorably by getting your desired result; generating an income for you.


Passive marketing can be online or offline, blog posts, posts on social media, putting up a sign such as the “Golden Arches” that MacDonald’s has. In the end, you are looking for getting more eyeballs on your offer, products, or service to generate leads and you will ultimately make more money for your business.


Generate MLM Leads When Brand New


So how to ‘generate MLM leads’ when brand new? By getting in with the people who are good at both active and passive marketing, learning from them, practicing what they do, and then doing it for yourself.


Every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST there is a live training webinar that is hosted by these people who are reaching out to you to help you in your MLM home based business or any online business you are involved with.

generate mlm leads

Learn to Generate MLM Leads


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As a newbie to the MLM industry, now that you have read this post, you are no longer a newbie. You know things now that others who are newer than you have not learned yet.


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