The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule by Robert Dorsey

The Golden Rule


Napoleon Hill calls it the most important of all the laws of success.



Wallace D. Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich mentions it as one of the basic fundamentals when meeting people. Always leaving everyone with the impression of ‘increase’, greater than when you met them, always giving more in value than what you take in money.


That is why spamming creates such a repulsive feeling when you come across spam.


It is the assumption that everyone else is going to want it just because you wanted it.


That would be like going to a restaurant and having your server bring you what they felt like eating for the day.


The Golden Rule

In promoting your network marketing business, remember we are dealing with real people here. People with real dreams and aspirations, that have their own unique gifts and talents to share with the world.


And they have their own unique struggles and challenges, and when you really get to know them, when you really hone in on your target market, you can frame your opportunity in a way that offers a solution to their problems.


It’s what we are in network marketing for, it’s what we are here for. To serve and to offer people the opportunity to chose more freedom in their lives.


It’s why Network Marketing is some important and why I believe in it so much.


It’s the opportunity for people to develop into the greatest version of themselves, and having the platform for them to share it with the world.


We have inside of us something that no one else has. And if we don’t share that, it dies with us.


And you have inside of you something that is unique to you that you can share with the world too.


The “Golden Rule

is to treat others the way that they want to be treated


What is your cause? What is your passion? What are your dreams and aspirations that drives you to do what you do?The Golden Rule


They have dreams too. Take the dollar signs off their faces and realize that money is just an effect.


The Golden Rule by Robert Dorsey