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Why Making Money Online Is So Hard

Why Making Money Online Is So Hard


You’ve been online for awhile…


You found others who are marketing and doing
what you want to do…


You’ve tried to figure out what they are doing
and how they are doing it to get the results they
seem to be getting…


But it’s just not working for you the way
you would like…


It seems like there is
always something missing in what
You are being told and what they are actually


Frustration is starting to set in…


Your patience is growing thin…


And you are about to throw in the towel…


But wait…


What if what you have been missing is just around
the corner and your work is about to pay off…


What if your next move turns out to be the Jackpot…


(Well not the Casino Jackpot)…


Don’t even go there… lol
Laptop Lifestyle Tool Kit

Laptop Lifestyle Tool Kit







Listen… when I met my friend Jeff, and heard his story,
I thought, “Man, if this guy can come from where he was
and make it happen, then there is hope for me too!”.


You see, Jeff was a failed entrepreneur…


But before I get into his success story, I need to
tell you a little bit about his journey…


Jeff explains it this way…


…about 9 years ago, I stumbled
onto this very weird, and unique


I was broker than broke at the time,
in over $400K worth of debt.


I was living in my soon to be ex-wife’s
spare bedroom.


I was robbing Peter to pay Paul.


And I was down, depressed, and
in despair.


I seriously didn’t know what to do
or where I was going to make my
next dollar.


Then, late one night, I stumbled onto
a website, just like this and found out
about this formula.


It’s called “T3FP” and once I actually
listened and paid attention to what the
guy was saying…


… it all made sense.


I immediately took action and made
the decision to submit an application.


Not only did I get an immediate sense


of relief, knowing that I was finally


on the path to complete & total financial


… but I was now also on the path to my


He quickly realized that he had a knack
for driving insane amounts of online traffic…


And later that he had a gift for creating
online sales funnels that
made it ridiculously simple
for the average person to plug into and
start seeing online success,


regardless of skill or experience.


So here we are now…


Fast forward to today and…


So this guy who was in $400K worth of debt,
and dug himself out in only his first year online,


with literally ZERO internet experience…


He used this simple strategy that
puts $1,000 Commissions directly into
our Member’s bank accounts – with ease.


So long story short —


Jeff is making his weird and yet simple formula available to us.



And you can check it out here


Listen… if you are at the point of


throwing in the towel, trust me, it’s time


check it out here.


Be blessed

Robert Dorsey


Entrepreneur, author and friend