Meet Ten People A Day

Meet Ten People A Day bhy Robert Dorsey


It does not matter whether you are just

beginning in your business

or if you have been in business

for years,


Traffic and new sources of prospects

are essential to your business.


Here is my tip:


Meet 10 people a day.




Meet them in your niche or in your arena so that

you have something in common with them.  


When they come to check you out have a conversation.  


Remember, it’s all about them in the beginning.  


That’s it.   Just meet them.  


You are not pushing your business.  


You are just meeting them as if you just met them

at a restaurant,

at a party when they are invited by someone else.  


They are just walking down the street and

they walk by and you say “Hi!”.  


So you ask, “Where do I meet these people?”.  


If you need help get back to me and lets talk.  


I have some training I put out for my team to get you started.