Robert Dorsey

“Is That My Daddy? Is That My Daddy?”


My wife said they were at the super market today and my daughter was asking, “Is that my daddy? Is that my daddy?” You see.


Robert Dorsey

Robert Dorsey

I’d been working so much overtime those last few years, that my 3 year old daughter didn’t even know me.

That broke my heart. but what could I do.


I did what everyone was telling me to do. Make sure you go to school, get good grades.


Then take up a trade in order to get a top paying job with benefits.


So I planned my career.


I became a journeyman carpenter construction worker, belonged to the Carpenter’s Union, and traded my time for wages.


But what I was not thinking of…


Was I was also trading my time with my family, To the point that my kids very seldom seen me when they were awake,
and they were growing up without even knowing their daddy, even though I was still home every night.


But that would be after they were in bed, and then I would be leaving for work before they were up.


And so my daughter, knowing she had a daddy, did not know who I was.


It broke my heart, but I still had a career that demanded that I work long hours to make the kind of money I wanted to make.


There is a better way.  I just did not know it at the time!


You see everyone has a point where they say ENOUGH.


I knew it. But I felt stuck.


There is a better way.  I just did not know it at the time!


Yet, everyday it feels like there’s got to be something better out there for you!


Where you’re sick and tired of mediocrity.


Where “tomorrow” or “next time” are no longer acceptable answers.


Where you know at your core – it’s time to drop excuses, face fear, get uncomfortable, and take action.


My hope is that for most people, that moment comes before life consumes you and your dreams and goals are taken over by the choices of settling for what others tell you what you can or cannot do.


It was not that we had not been introduced to Network Marketing,


But unfortunately, like so many, I had dabbled in home business for years.


Sure on the surface I was giving it a go.


I went to all the local meetings and even traveled to a few conventions.


I spent time consuming training or listening to audio’s.


I made the list and hounded my friends and family.


I’d even awkwardly break the ice with strangers who unknowingly got within striking distance at gas stations or shopping malls, lol.


Not only did nothing seem to work…


But it was always in the back of my head, I knew there was another way.


Now at this later stage of my life, I could finally say it happened.


You see just a few years ago, I’d discovered leaders who were leveraging the Internet and connecting with people online who were in the same boat as me

– looking for more time with their family.

– wanting more time freedom to do what they wanted to do without someone telling them what they can and cannot do…

and have enough money to make incredible decisions and to give it to the world where you find people in need.


This was my answer to a dream come true:


I had a computer.


I had an Internet connection.


I had the drive to study and research.


Someone had told me to find people who were making the kind of mo.ney I wanted to make,


– find out what they were doing.

– find out how they were doing it.


And model after them and do what they were doing for yourself and set up your own business.


It was the best advice I had received in all my years of working.


Far better than working for the company that did not care about me or my family life as long as I was the slave that worked  to make them mon.ey so they could pay me peanuts.


So here’s the deal.


Keep it simple.


You already know you need these two things to start.


You need a vehicle which people can invest in…


And you need to find people wanting to invest in themselves in order to change their lifestyle.
Here’s where you come in.


We can help you with that but it’s your choice.


Submit an application now and I will see you on the inside….