Ode To The Network Marketer

Ode To The Network Marketer


Ode To The Network Marketer

The Ode To The Network Marketer



Here’s to the Network Marketer

That wise and caring soul,

Forget family, friends, and co-workers

Let them dig for the hard, cold coal


Rejections come, rejections go

Determination persists,

It’s a pyramid, it’s illegal

Cry out the blind intellectualists


Trading time for wages

Has never felt right,

Leveraging time and effort

Gets you paid throughout the night


Living a lifestyle few have dreamed

Has set the standard high,

Walking the beaches of the world

In the sweet bye and bye


My Lead System Pro

Has leveled the playing field for all,

Teaching Facebook, Google and YouTube

Network Marketing strategies for all


What will I do

When I am finally set free

From the bondage of control

That the boss has over me.


~Robert Dorsey~