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Why I started an ‘online marketing blog’; I have decided to put our story out there because things are starting to change in our lives and I am getting so excited about it.

My wife and I had been managing motels and hotels for the past twenty-two years. Over that time we have moved four times as properties have been sold and we have always found another motel to manage.

Online Marketing Blog

Robert Dorsey

This last time was different. On January 19, 2010, accountants and representatives from court appointed receivers walked in to the office of the motel we were working in and took it over. The motel was in receivership.

We had lived in the managers suite of the motel for that last five years and had plans to stay for at least the next three years until I was old enough to retire at age sixty-five. I was sixty-two at the time.

Without warning, on one day we lost our job, lost our home, and lost the lifestyle we had enjoyed for so long.

Finding a storage place for our household belongings, we had to move in with our daughter till we found a house to rent and I found another job.

With my experience I was able to get a job at a local casino working for minimum wage after our unemployment benefits ran out.

At age 63, we were literally living out of the back of a green 1996 Voyager van in the most prosperous province in Canada.

I have only read of these things happening to other people, never thought it would happen to me.

So I made a decision to get online and find out how people make money using the Internet. I have heard of people making money and having MLM success this way, but had no idea how this was done. So I started to research making money online.


Online Marketing Blog – A different resource


Over time I started coming across different sources of income and quickly found I had to learn a whole new language, Internet language.

I learned words like ‘affiliate’, ‘affiliate marketing’, ‘clickbank’, ‘pay pal’, ‘internet marketing’, and more.

I knew about Multi Level Marketing as my wife and I had been in several MLM business’s over the years, but that was before the Internet even existed. Although we never attained MLM success back then, I knew it was working with other people so I knew it could work for us.

Now with the Internet, and all companies going online, even the MLM company I was presently in was online, but I didn’t know what to do in order to promote my own business. I have learned much since then.


“Online Marketing Blog” – Magnetic Sponsoring


Someone then sent me the ‘coffee house letter’ by Mike Dillard and I found it interesting. It wasn’t for another year that I really understood attraction marketing, but I soon came to the question that most MLM marketers come to, “After I pitched my business opportunity to my family, friends and co-workers (which I didn’t have anymore), then what”? And of course for us, that strategy had been long passe.

So I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and read about his new ideas toward attaining MLM success using the Internet.

Online Marketing Blog

Online Marketing Blog

I had to come to the next obvious phase, and that is sales and marketing. But how do you do that using the Internet. This seemed the only recourse I had left and I was determined to figure it out.

I found some training from a lady who had some videos about setting up an online business and I began following her training. I found out about setting up a blog (new word) and using your blog as the hub to your business. She was using social media as her marketing strategy and driving traffic (another new word) to her blog.

Online Marketing Blog – A Marketing Funnel

But what do you have on this blog? This really was a learning experience.

I then found some training videos from a man in Australia who was also teaching about how to set up a business and drive traffic through a ‘marketing funnel’ (another new word), and use a funded proposal system to get people to your primary MLM opportunity.

He was promoting a top tier product which I was in no position to buy into as I did not have the $6000.00 dollars for the funded proposal nor the $2000.00 dollars for the buy in for the top tier membership. I understand there is a lot of money to be made with these programs but the same problem still exists at that level as with face-to-face marketing, “Where do you find the traffic to market your opportunity to?”

A few months later, my friend from Australia sent me an email and said he had left the top tier funded proposal system and started with another, newer system. I have had the practise of looking at every thing I came across because I still did not have all this figured out, so I took a look.

I first looked at what he was doing, and then followed his link to the lead capture page and I watched to video.

Now I should note here that over the past year I have watched hundreds of videos and opted into every free e-book offer on every thing from get rich quick schemes to who knows what, but all the while, learning what these people are doing online. I have a hard drive full of free offers and most gave little to no useful information but I took every little nugget I could get.

My skepticism had grown over the past year that I was never going to figure it out. I have no mentor as I knew no one doing what I was trying to learn, but I was determined to get something working.

So watching the video on the lead capture page mentioned above, I was captivated. This sounded like the type of system I had built in my own mind that I was looking for. Through all my research, I had formed an image of the type of system I knew would be ideal to give people the chance to make money with and succeed in their online business.

Furthermore, it was reasonably priced and had built into it multiple streams of income just by using all the affiliate tools and resources as well as joining with the partners associated with the system.

Online Marketing Blog – My Lead System Pro

The system is called My Lead System Pro, and it is exactly what I needed, but more that that, it was much more that I had expected.

Online Marketing Blog

Lead Generation Mastery – My Lead System Pro

Based on the idea of Attraction Marketing and build on the foundation of Magnetic Sponsoring, I found My Lead System Pro was already using the techniques I had started months before having read Mike Dillard’s coffee house letter.

As I delved onto the boot camp training on all the different marketing strategies available, it soon became evident that this could very easily lead to information overload. But that didn’t scare me away as I was already on information overload from all my research that had lead me to this point.

Being dead broke, I had to learn how to market without money, and get free leads with which to build my business with. If I could build an online business with no money, then what I wanted to do was to show other people how to do it also.

‘Online Marketing Blog’ – I had a plan

So now, after having only been marketing for less than a year and actually only having my marketing funnel set up for less than 4 months, strange things are happening.

I am now receiving checks in the mail, and money in my bank account that I never had before.

I had told myself I would give myself 2 years to figure this thing out and another year to get it working. I am 1 year ahead of schedule.

From the time we lost our job and lost our home where we were living in the manager suite of the motel that went into receivership, I had 3 years before retirement.

I had told myself that when I figured out how to make money online, this would be my third profession. I see that happening now. We are making money from sources I didn’t even know existed 2 years ago.

I look after the Internet marketing business and My wife does the banking and paying the bills, and she likes how much money she has to work with.

This didn’t happen over night but when we look back at where we were two years ago, dead broke and homeless, living with our daughter and literally from the back of my green 1996 Voyager van, (which I still have by the way), no job, and our lives turned upside down, we have come a long way toward attaining MLM success.

I have heard it said that trading time for wages is the worst way to make money, and it is absolutely true. It serves it’s purpose, but never use that as a means of attaining wealth. It just won’t happen.

We should only work for pleasure, doing what we love to do, but offer a service to make money. We found ours in My Lead System Pro and we have gone from dead broke to now looking for the home of our dreams. Something we never thought would be possible 2 years ago.

I felt to put my story out there now, as it really is a rags-to-riches story, the only difference is it’s my story.

Like I said earlier, I have read about other people having this type of experience, but never thought it would happen to us.

Online Marketing Blog – Online Marketing Bootcamp

But thanks to My Lead System Pro, our story really is a MLM success story at a time in our lives when this was the last alternative.

If there is anyone who can relate to our story, or maybe yours is for other reasons, get in touch with me and lets talk. I have gone through the Online Marketing boot camp called the ‘school of hard knocks of life’, and have come out the other side a winner.

I would like to share our MLM success with you. We now have the tools and resources and know the marketing strategies.

To learn more about how you can have dramatic mlm success in your MLM home business using MLSP Prospecting strategies, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about how to market online when you start your business.

Click here to look into My Lead System Pro and get started on your own Online Marketing Blog to build a Residual Income for Freedom from financial stress and worry from money problems.