Permission Marketing In Generating Mlm Leads

Permission Marketing In Generating MLM Leads

Permission Marketing In

Generating MLM Leads


In the area of “permission marketing” in generating MLM leads online, there needs to be some real thought into how to treat your prospects. Handling this wrong will not only diminish your results in the future but could hurt your business extensively.



Permission marketing is a must to understand if you are to turn newly found leads into long term customers and followers in you mlm, or any other internet business your are building.


Lets look at what permission marketing is:


  • People see what you are offering and are interested in more information
  • Leads give you their name and email address for you to send them to that information
  • You get to send them their information in an email with a link to that info or to your offer
  • Once they are on your list, it is assumed you are able to send them other relevant offers forever as long as they are on your list
  • But did they really give you permission to do this?


That is why in most country’s it is required now to use an auto-responder to send out your emails because there is an unsubscribe feature that will allow anyone who wishes to opt off your list to unsubscribe.


It also requires your lead to confirm that they are willing to receive information from you.


This video explains this to some extent although there is a lot to think about when you are using permission marketing in generating MLM leads for your home based business.


Permission Marketing In Generating MLM Leads By Robert Dorsey