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Setting Up Residual Income Streams on The Internet

Setting Up Residual Income Streams on The Internet

Residual income streams on the Internet is a lot like the Nile river in northern Africa that runs through Egypt. The Nile river is small at the beginning but is huge by the time it empty’s into the Mediterranean Sea.


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From the space shuttle when they took the picture of the River Nile, it is an awesome sight.

But what exactly makes it so huge at the bottom when it is so small at it’s beginning?

What we don’t see is all the thousands and thousands of smaller tributaries that run into it along the way

There are two different promoting scenarios which offer residual income streams in two different ways.

You can do the math, but building residual income streams is what marketing online is really all about.

Can you see the difference? One is better than the other, but both are residual income streams that work.

Like the River Nile, residual income streams have multiple sources that make up a residual income for freedom from financial hardship.

By Robert Dorsey

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