Retiring Without A Safety Harness

Retiring Without A Safety Harness

Retiring Without A Safety Harness

Retiring Without A Safety Harness can be scary. Let me share my thoughts with you.




I woke up from a dream this morning, sweat pouring off my forehead.


I was part of a rescue crew in a helicopter and wee were being asked to rescue people from a fire.  


There were other helicopters doing the same thing, and all the rescuers were doing the same thing.  


The main idea of the dream was that there was no safety harness for the rescuers in the helicopters.  


They were being told to hang on with one hand while reaching for the people being rescued with their other hand, like something out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.  


Now in my dream they had to hang on to the top of the door that opened with one arm and then reach down.


But in reality, on a normal helicopter you would have to climb down to the runners of the landing gear, you know those runners that look something like the sleigh runners of a horse drawn cutter in the movie Doctor Zhivago, hang on with one hand, and maybe a leg, then reach down to take the arm of the beautiful damsel in distress.  


Why I woke up in a sweat was because there was no safety harness.


Yes, that’s right, this was all being done without a safety harness.  


Now can you imagine yourself performing this stunt.


Now can you imagine an old person being asked to do this. To hang on with one hand without a safety harness?  


We can’t even do chin-ups with one hand, let alone reach down for someone else to rescue.


And without a safety harness?  


And yet each and every old person is asked to do this and put their own lives in danger.  


We ask our old people to go into their old age without a safety harness.


We ask every working man and woman to go into their retirement years without a safety harness.  


What does that mean?  


Are you going to hang on to your pension plans and try to live on what the government provides you, or a pension plan that doesn’t exist anymore, and still try to be of some use to other people?  


If you are, it is the same as if you are hanging on without a safety harness.  


In Network Marketing, there is no age restriction, no limit as to how many people you associate with, no having to go to an office or be physically present preform ‘on the job’ tasks.  


In Network Marketing, there are other options to building a safety net on your retirement income.  


Question then is:

who do you know that is looking for their safety net as they are coming up on their retirement age?  


Are you? Is their someone you know who is scared that they will have to be put in a Gov’t controlled retirement home and all their life savings as well as their pension income will be taken from them just for their keep?  


The time is NOW to do something about it!  


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Robert Dorsey