Village Of Prosperity

Welcome to the Village Of Prosperity


Population – one….

Guests and visitors โ€“ many….


A message from the Mayor


Hi there;

My name is Robert Dorsey!


I am the founder of this Village of Prosperity and

the appointed Mayor.


As you came into town, the first thing you would have noticed

is the Welcome sign.

Feel free to enter with joy and anticipation!

Village of Prosperity

Loverna, Saskatchewan, Canada 1913 Where I grew up.


What you will find as you visit the Village

and walk the boardwalks, just like in an

old fashioned frontier town,

there are shops, businesses, services, and resources

made available to you, the visitor,

that that are full of supplies, products, materials,

and services that will help fulfill your wants and needs.


Check out the tabs above to travel the streets

and stop in to say hello.


Be sure to sign the guest book by

leaving a comment in the comment area.


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment area as well.


If you would like to contact me, visit the Contact Me

tab to the left.


But be sure to come back often

as The Village Of Prosperity is in

constant renovation and new sub-divisions are

being built continually.


I will meet you in Town….



Robert Dorsey